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Metabolism Fermentation Balance (MFB)

In the agriculture industry, we estimate that approximately 60% of agriculture land has execessive use of chemical fertilizer. The long term outcome is negative for the soil base due to chemical harm, and also potentially contribute negatively to greenhouse gas emission.

MFB is a culmination of many years of agriculture research with our primary partners in Taiwan. Our field trials have shown that using MFB can reduce the use of chemical fertilizer by 50%, whilst sustaining, or in many instances improving the yield of crops.

Certified as an organic product, MFB's formula is intended to promote both primary & secondary metabolism.

It contains all the primary nutrient N-P-K, in the form of fixated nitrogen, and soluble Phosphorus & Potassium, for quicker absorption to support primary metabolism.

In addition, it has more than 10 genus of micro-organism included, which differentiate MFB from many mainstay plant nutrients. Like positive acting bacteria in nature, the micro-organism assist in the secondary metabolism.

This primary plus secondary metabolism combination reinforces overall nutrient absorption, resulting in plants that are not only more healthy, but also more productive (i.e. fruits, flower, leave stems etc.). Agriculture also become more resistant to virus, and abiotic stressors (e.g. temperature variation, water deficiency etc.)

MFB is applied using foliar feed method, through mist spray on leaves. Hence, mist spraying is best done in the early mornings for greatest effect.

Since 2015, our partners have been promoting the use of MFB in agriculture fields in Taiwan, and North East China to great effect. Effective December 2016, we have launched the product into the South East Asia market, focusing on the broader use of MFB not only in agriculture, but also in horticulture.

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