About Us


Botanical Network Company (BNC) is a Singapore based regional company with major interests in Agriculture. Our main objective is to reverse the systemic depletion of arable land through the soil rejuvenation program that revitalize and recovers land damaged by the wrong usage of synthetic fertilizers. We offer an organic range of fertilizers and earth revitalisers that not only fertilises the earth but enhances soil conditions to optimise plant growth.

For the regional agricultural sector, we provide consultancy services through our soil rejuvenation program offering proven systematic processes to reinforce commercial farms maximizing crops yields and extract the full potential of their crops without harming the soil or environment.

As a local based company, we also promote our organic products in the horticulture sector to the younger generation and interests group both as a hobby and lifestyle in Singapore. We are involved in schools and community club projects whom are interested to promote and increase awareness of organic and community planting to students and residents respectively. We establish link ups with the various local community gardens and provide support in terms of our products and services so as to create a more fruitful and fun experience amongst residents in community gardening. In conjunction with primary school science syllabus in plants and living things, we also introduce a greenery program to schools to allow students to have a platform to learn and embrace the horticultural lifestyle in a more pragmatic manner.