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Threats in global food shortage and increasing world population have inevitably led to high and volatile food prices. Agricultural trends and practices are also currently undergoing tremendous pressures. Changes in weather patterns together with less fertile soil conditions have affected harvesting results to go downhill in recent decades.

The widespread use of synthetic fertilizers in commercial farming over the last few years decades are now threatening the environment as nutrients are leached from the soils turning massive areas of earth into non-arable land. This is largely due to the lack or wrong knowledge of fertilizer usage that has caused incorrect or unnecessary fertilizer application that has resulted damage to land.

We endeavour in our part to reverse the effects of the infertile land by offering a range of products and services to revert less arable soil conditions to productive land. It is our mission, to co-work with our valued business partners/clients, to maximize crop yields whilst maintaining & sustaining our precious environment as Nature intended.

As part of our motivation to introduce agriculture to the cities whether as an interest activity or a way of life, we seek to introduce modern urban agricultural techniques that we hope would bring about a change in the urban agricultural landscape.