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Business Organic Fertilizer - NuEarth

NuEarth is a formulation of Nature’s highest grade of organic ingredients designed to offer a nutrient rich environment specifically designed to support and maximise plant growth.

Today, the extensive use of harsh chemical fertilisers that provide vital nutrients in agriculture has in the process damaged the underlying soil stripping it of the very nutrients it needs to remain fertile. This has systematically turned large tracts of arable land into non-arable land resulting eventually in a costly replacement of the entire layer of topsoil.

Now the Botanical Network Company brings the science of soil rejuvenation into the 21st Century, with NuEarth. The NuEarth program will not only supply the much needed nutrients that promote plant growth but also in the process revitalise and revive damaged soil to reverse the effects of harmful chemical fertilisers turning non-arable land back into nutrient rich soil.

The result of turning to the NuEarth program is a sustainable agricultural ecosystem capable of producing high yielding and healthier organic produce. Whether you’re a plantation owner or a green-thumbed enthusiast who wants to avoid chemical fertilisers, NuEarth offers the organic solution to a sustainable eco-friendly and effective soil rejuvenation program.

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Business Fertilizers

An organic source of rich nutrients supplied to plants to enhance plants’ growing stage from germination to harvest. Naturally occurring raw materials that will not damage soil after prolonged usage but in fact replenishes the trace elements into the soil required by crops. Provide an abundant supply of organic matter to improve soil texture and structure.

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Business Seeds

Whether you are a novice gardener or a gardening enthusiast who is passionate about growing home grown vegetables and fruits in your own compound or garden, we offer a wide range of vegetable and fruit seeds to select from.

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Business MFB
Plant Vitalizer - MFB

Officially launched in Dec 2016, this is the latest in our R&D investment to deliver "Singapore Proud" products. This product is jointly developed with agriculture researchers in Taiwan, with already field implementations in agriculture plantations in Taiwan, and China. MFB's ingredients seek to enhance the metabolism of greenlife, through its balance components of organic ingredients to provide the right elements, and plant growth promoting micro-organism, to improve the efficacy of elemental absorption. It will enhance the general well being of plant life, creating healthier plants, and better growth. With clear impact on plant growth, we seek to encourage more social activities in growing green life. This can range from growing a simple plant, to a small social farming activity. We believe that a positive greenlife growing experience, will translate to better general well being of an individual. Come join us to embrace green life, and open up new insights into nature!

Example of our study to show the effectiveness of MFB -

  • Basil Plant Study

  • Lime Recovery Study

  • Fruit Plants Study

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    Business Soil Conditioner
    Soil Conditioner

    An organic product that contains beneficial bacteria which promotes plant growth, improves germination rate and root development system, and enhances resistance to plant diseases and adversity. Usage over long period of time could also improve soil structure and reduce dependency on agrochemical usage.

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