Botanical Network Company (BNC) is a Singapore based regional company with major interests in Agriculture. Our main objective is to reverse the systemic depletion of arable land through the soil rejuvenation program that revitalize and recovers land damaged by the wrong usage of synthetic fertilizers. We offer an organic range of fertilizers and earth revitalisers that not only fertilises the earth but enhances soil conditions to optimise plant growth.

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What is
Botanical Network?

Featured Product

MFB 1st December 2016: Officially launched for retail! MFB (Metabolism Fermentation Balance) is an Organic Plant Nutrient spray that can be applied in large area agriculture, and in home horticulture.

Developed through collaboration with Taiwan based agriculture research partner, MFB's application will help improve the health, and productivity of plants. Whether you have a young plant, or a mature plant that has been difficult to maintain, try MFB for its unique approach to plant metabolism enhancement, allowing possibilities to (re)juvenate plant growth!


  • Improve Plant Metabolism
  • Healthier Plants
  • More Productive Plants (e.g. new leaf stems, flowers, fruits)

Apart from containing basic nutrients essential for plant growth, MFB’s recipe also promotes secondary metabolism that will improve the plants overall well-being. Together with proper horticulture maintenance, with regular use of MFB, you should be able to see your plants stay healthier, and be more productive.

Available in 800ml bottles, it's ready-to-spray bottle offers optimum grip for effective mist spray application. You can either purchase it online, or via one of our partner retail outlets islandwide.

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Organic Farming

OrganicOrganic Farming is a series of agricultural techniques and methods that works with Nature to cultivate crops which includes crop rotation, fertilizers and compost using naturally occurring materials and biological pest control.

What is organic farming?

  • Increases duration of soil fertility,
  • Improves soil texture and structure,
  • Increases organic matter content in soil which results in less prone to soil erosion,
  • Control the pests without harming the environment,
  • Water to stay clean and safe to use as lesser synthetic fertilizers is being washed to rivers and lakes due to soil erosion
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We Have Shifted!

Effective 1 Dec 2017, we have moved to a new business premises located in Woodlands BizHub. As you may observe, our webpage indicates the new premises location. However, some of our bottles may still reflect the old address, until the batch is fully consumed. Hence, please do not be surprise if you see the Kaki Bukit address on the bottle label. However, our website, phone, and email contacts are still unchanged for you to contact us! Happy gardening!